Hotel Held, Irl 11, 93055 Regensburg


In advance we will serve you, herb quark & lard to mixed bread, as a small token of the house

Recommendation of the week

  Roasted cod fillet on mediteran vegetable bed
with white wine sauce and herbal rice
  18,90 €


  Tomato mozzarella with basil pesto on salad leaves   9,90 €
  as main course   16,90 €
  "Irler Bauern Salat"
Green salad with roasted potato and bacon,
with pumpkin seed oil
  8,90 €
  as main course   11,40 €
  Carpaccio of beef with lemon oil, arugula,
parmesan and raw mushrooms
  11,90 €
  Minced beef with small salad   11,90 €
  Graved Salmon with shredded potatoes,
horseradish creme and a small salad
  11,90 €
  as main course   16,90 €
  Leaf salad with shelled, fried King Prawns   11,90 €
  as main course   18,90 €


  Lettuce salad with pickled sheep's cheese and olives   10,90 €
  Large mixed salad with tuna   9,50 €
  Large mixed salad with roast strips of turkey   10,90 €


  Beef broth with pancake strips and chives   4,50 €
  Creamed tomato soup with cream topping (vegetarian)   4,90 €
  Tomato soup with vegetable strips (vegan)   4,90 €


  Shrimps without shell with garlic and cherry tomatoes
in herb butter roasted with parmesan,
Butter rice and salad of the season
  24,90 €
  Grilled fillet of pike-perch with, herbed- butter,
parsley potatoes and seasonal salad
  18,90 €
  Grilled salmon filet in white wine sauce
with tomato - courgette and butter potatoes
  18,90 €
  White herring on baked potatoes with bacon
and onion rings
  9,50 €
  White herring „houswife style“ with boiled potatoes   9,50 €

Held’s classics

Filet of pork with cheese noodles, mushrooms,
cream sauce, served with seasonal salad
  18,90 €
  "Irler Escolope"
(two breaded pork cutlets with sweet mustard and horseradish),
fried potatoes and seasonal salad
  13,90 €
  Cordon bleu "Held - Special" filled with cheese and Parma ham,
served with paprika sauce, herb butter
roast potatoes and seasonal salad
  18,90 €
  Mixed Grill “house special” variation of three different steaks
with herbed butter, French fries and seasonal salad
  17,90 €
  „Anglertoast“ grilled pike-perch fillet
with herb butter and a small salad
  9,90 €
  “Gourmet Toast” loin of pork with mushrooms,
cream sauce and a small salad
  9,90 €


  Turkey steak gratinated with pineapple & mountain cheese,
served with curry sauce, rice and seasonal salad
  16,90 €
  Roast beef with deep-fried onion stripes,
served with roast potatoes and seasonal salad
  19,90 €
  Filet of beef steak with pepper cream sauce,
port wine shallots, shredded potatoes and seasonal salad
  25,90 €

Main Course

  Calf liver slices "Berlin style"
with apple slices, deep-fried onion stripes and mashed potatoes,
served with seasonal salad
  18,90 €
  Lamb noisettes with rosemary sauce, ratatouille
and shredded potatoes
  17,90 €
  Traditional “Wiener Schnitzel” with cranberries,
parsley potatoes and seasonal salad
  18,90 €
  Cattle roulade housewife type with mashed potatoes
and salad of the season
  14,90 €
  Roast deer with cranberries,
bacon brussels sprouts and bread dumplings
  15,90 €


  Chees noodles with fried onions and seasonal salad   9,90 €
  Pasta with feta cheese and spinach
served with salad of the season
  9,90 €
  Spaghetti aglio e olio (garlic, olive oil, hot)
served with seasonal salad (also vegan possible)
  9,90 €


  Lettuce variation with fried potato cubes with oil and vinegar dressing   8,90 €
  Spaghetti with mixed roasted vegetables   10,90 €
  Fragen Sie unsere Servicekräfte
nach einem veganem Brottaufstrich!

Regional delicacies

  Meatloaf with fried egg and roast potatoes   9,50 €
  Three Wiener sausages with potato salad and mustard   7,50 €
  Two grilled “Regensburger” sausages with potato salad   7,50 €
  Grilled curry sausage with French fries and ketchup   8,90 €
  6 pieces of grilled sausages
with pickled cabbage and mustard
  8,00 €
  Smoked salmon on bread with onion rings   8,90 €
  Ham on bread, garnished   6,90 €
  Homemade “Presssack” plate (also acidic)   7,90 €
  Plate of bread time
Meatloaf, cold meat, brawn, raw ham, Emmentaler,
Held’s Angebatzter and horseradish
  9,90 €
  “Strammer Max” – Ham on bread with a fried egg on top   8,90 €
  Juicy ham with horseradish   7,90 €
  Portion of “Held’s Angebatzter” (Bavarian cheese) with grapes   9,90 €
  Portion “Emmentaler” cheese with grapes   9,90 €
  Portion of raw ham with horseradish   8,90 €
  Sausage salad “Bavarian”-style   8,90 €
  Sausage salad “Swiss”-style   8,90 €
  Cold roast pork with horseradish   9,90 €
  Toast „Hawaii“ with a small salad   7,90 €


  Palatschinken mit Vanilleeis Schokoladensauce, Sahne und Mandeln   7,90 €
  2 Kugeln Erdbeer-Limetten-Sorbet mit marinierten Erdbeeren   6,90 €
  Vanilleeis-Parfait mit marinierten Erdbeeren   6,90 €
  Apfelkücherl mit Vanilleeis, Eierlikör und Sahne   6,90 €
  Eis – Heiß 3 Kugeln Vanilleeis mit heißen Himbeeren und Sahne   7,50 €
  Créme Brúlée mit eingelegten Sauerkirschen   7,50 €
  Bananensplit mit 3 Kugeln Vanilleeis, Sahne und Mandeln   6,90 €
  Weichkäseauswahl mit Trauben und Feigensenf   7,90 €
  Kindereisbecher 2 Kugeln Eis, lustig garniert   3,30 €
  Gemischtes Eis 3 Kugeln Eis ohne Sahne 3,60 €
  Gemischtes Eis 3 Kugeln Eis mit Sahne 4,10 €
  Kugel Eis extra   1,20 €

Wir haben folgende Eissorten zur Auswahl:

  Stracciatella, Vanille, Erdbeere, Schoko, Zitrone, Haselnuss, Walnuss
  All Prices are included service and VAT.